Snowy owl trapped in Portland building released | News

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Snowy owl trapped in Portland building released

PORTLAND, Maine (NECN) -- There's been an unusually high number of snowy owl sightings in New England this winter.

VIDEO: Snowy owl released

One explanation is an overpopulation of owls in Canada
has lead the birds to come further south looking for food.

One owl made news January 15 when it was spotted peeking "out" of a window in downtown Portland. No one knows for sure how the owl got trapped in the building on Commercial Street but it was rescued Wednesday night and brought to the "Avian Haven" bird sanctuary in Freedom.

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The sanctuary says the owl is in good health and has no injuries.

Actually, it appears pigeons were using the building as well, so the owl was finding plenty of food inside.

The owl may be banded as part of a tracking
project and will soon be released back into the wild.

UPDATE -- The Snowy wwl was released January 18.