Pirates to "Run Amok" at Fort Knox - Saturday, July 21 | Events

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Pirates to "Run Amok" at Fort Knox - Saturday, July 21
Pirates to "Run Amok" at Fort Knox - Saturday, July 21

Prospect, ME - The Friends of Fort Knox are hosting their annual "Pirate Day" at the Fort Knox State Historic Site, Prospect, Saturday, July 21, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. In addition, the professional pirates of the Dark Rose and their vaunted ship the "Must Roos" will be plying the waters of the Penobscot River, letting loose cannon fire at the pirate cannon battery at the Fort.

This is the ideal event for all those who have harbored a secret desire to be a pirate. Those wishing to participate in this event are asked to don their best pirate costume and practice pirate speech and accent. The pirates will engage in a cannon firing demonstrations, sword fighting, gunplay and creating general mayhem.

The Friend’s "Pirate Day" will feature contests to include best-sounding pirate, best-dressed pirate, a pirate parade and a treasure hunt. The schedule for "Pirate Day" contests follows:

11:00 Captain Crudbeard’s Cannon Shooting Lesson

 Noon- Pirate Parade and Costume Contest

1:00 pm Pirate Ship Attack with Cannons, Flintlocks, and Cutlasses in front of the Fort

1:45 pm Talk Like a Pirate Contest

2:15 pm Treasure Hunt

3:00 pm Pirate Weapon:s Demonstration with grappelling hooks, pikes, boarding axes, whips, swords, pistols, and blunderbuss.

Those planning to attend the event are encouraged to form car-pools as there is limited public parking at the Fort. Bring a picnic, as there will be no food other than snacks in the gift shop. An event donation of $3 per person is requested above the regular Fort admission fee to cover the cost of hiring the pirates.

Hot on the heels of Pirate Day will be the Civil War weekend at Fort Knox, Saturday and Sunday, July 28 and 29, in conjunction with the Bucksport Bay Festival.

The Friends of Fort Knox is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving Fort Knox and enhancing its educational, cultural and economic value for the people of Maine. The Friends manage Fort Knox on behalf of the Maine Department of Conservation’s Bureau of Parks and Lands on behalf of all the people of Maine.

Contact: Leon Seymour, 207-469-6553