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Welcome Spring By Starting a Container Garden
Welcome Spring By Starting a Container Garden

The M.O.G. is excited to embark on a new adventure this spring by documenting the process of planting an organic vegetable garden (in containers) for the first time. Maybe it will inspire a few of you to plant your own gardens as well! To view the original post, complete with the links to additional resources, go to http://mymogblog.com/starting-a-container-garden/

Now, just so we are all clear, we are not what anyone would consider "gardening experts." To be honest, gardening seemed like another language… until we started doing some research and realized how simple and enjoyable it can be. We checked out a few websites including “Successful Container Gardens” by the University of Illinois Extension, and the University of Maine Cooperative Extension where they have some really helpful videos on container gardening that walked us right through the process.

Now that it was time for our next move, we wanted to talk with a local expert. We decided to take a little trip over to O'Donal's Nursery in Gorham where we met Susan. She shared an abundance of gardening knowledge with us on how to set up container gardens, so we will try to run through the most important pieces:

1.  In order to determine when, or if, seeds need to be planted indoors you must decide what you would like to plant first. The instructions for when to plant your vegetables can be found on the back of each seed packet you purchase. For our container garden we have selected orange cherry tomatoes, organic basil, container cucumber (bush slicer), organic sugar snap peas, organic romaine lettuce, and organic kale. We thought that if we were planting an organic garden then we needed to buy all organic seeds, but Susan said that it is more about the way that you grow and fertilize your plants. We still bought mostly organic seeds, but it is really up to you if you buy organic or non-organic seeds. If you are unsure what you would like to plant or when to plant it, then check out the website for Renee’s Garden. Some of the seeds we bought are from this company and they have a great reference on when to plant your different seeds. 

2.    Susan also explained that seeds or seedlings are supposed to be planted outdoors right after the last full moon in May. Gardeners have determined this to be the best time for planting because the likelihood of another frost is extremely low...or so we hope!

Now that we're ready to get started, here is a quick look at our specific gardening plan!

What: An  organic vegetable container garden. We plan to start small, but  hope this blossoms (no pun intended) into a lifelong love of gardening

Who: Haley ( a local nutritionist who works at the M.O.G.) will be planting the garden, but we  hope the rest of you follow along and join her!

Where: The seeds that we will be planting indoors will be the cherry tomatoes and basil. Haley will plant them in small pots at home and once these plants have sprouted (hopefully) she will bring them into the office at the M.O.G, so that members will be able to see the progress. And she will share photos for the readers from away! After the last full moon in May, she will transplant the seeds to larger containers (between 1 gallon and 5 gallon) that she will leave outside in the sun at my house. Around this time or a little earlier Haley will also be planting the rest of the seeds into outdoor containers at her house.

When: This spring!

Why: Vegetables are a wonderful source of many vitamins and minerals and they are a crucial part of our diet. We end up buying these products at grocery stores, but have no idea how many miles the vegetables have been shipped to get to us or what kinds of pesticides have been used on them. By growing your own garden not only will you save money by eating your own homegrown veggies, but you will enjoy knowing where they came from, and knowing that you  haven’t use any toxic pesticides in the process. We hope to share all the positive aspects of eating well.  Eating locally grown food can be as close as your own backyard, and you can enjoy your own vegetables all the way from your garden to your dinner table.

We hope you are feeling excited about starting a garden or just following along with Haley's gardening attempts and learning with her!  She will be planting my first seeds, cherry tomatoes and basil this weekend and will have a post up for next Friday. Every week after, we will post an update of the gardening process onhttp://mymogblog.com/category/garden-of-mog/ so make sure to check in every Friday! Best of luck if you decide to plant your own garden as well, and please share your progress and share gardeining tips in the blog comments if you are inspired to do so.