Marshwood, Camden Hills, Foxcroft repeat in state wrestling

CLASS A CHAMPIONSHIP - At Sanford High School


Groundbreaking Cancer Research in Maine

BAR HARBOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- No two cancer tumors are  exactly alike.

Our genetic make-up is unique, and so are the cancers that grow inside of us.

While doctors are getting a handle of which types of cancer respond to which types of drugs, treating cancer is still hit or miss.

Doctors will try one therapy or drug to see if it works.  If it doesn't, they  move on the the next.

But what if doctors could know, up front and with certainty, which drugs and therapies would work on your individual cancer.

Groundbreaking research going on right here in Maine, promises to take the guesswork out of cancer treatment... And is already saving lives.


Post offices on Maine islands to be part-time

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) - Members of Maine's congressional delegation say the U.S. Postal Service has agreed to designate seven island post offices as part-time, meaning they'll remain open at least six hours a day.

Democratic Reps. Mike Michaud and Chellie Pingree said Tuesday that the Postal Service is implementing a program to reduce hours at small post offices, and had proposed cutting back hours at island post offices in Maine to as few as two hours a day.

Rural post offices designated part-time are supposed to be at least 25 miles from the nearest post office, but Michaud and Pingree said that 25-mile criteria shouldn't apply to islands that are only accessible by ferry.

DES Daughter Petitions Eli Lilly to "Fess Up on DES"

DES Daughter Petitions Eli Lilly to "Fess Up on DES"

The recent DES breast cancer trial against drug manufacturer Eli Lilly was a momentous event for Maine DES daughter Patricia Royall. The case was settled out of court on the second day, before all evidence was heard.

The Fogcutters Nominated to Play The Grammys!

The Fogcutters Nominated to Play The Grammys!

Hey Mainers,

One of the BEST bands in Portland has been nominated to play the Grammys!  Come on Maine, let's put one of our bands on the national map!  Vote HERE!  Feel free to forward this link to anyone and everyone you want.  And anyone in the country can vote!  

How to Find Out if You Are a DES Daughter

How to Find Out if You Are a DES Daughter

Since my post about the DES breast cancer trial that gets underway in Boston this week, I’ve been asked how you would know if you were exposed to DES. Read more.

DES Daughters Sue Eli Lilly

DES Daughters Sue Eli Lilly

When Patricia Royall was 28-years-old she was rushed to the emergency room with massive bleeding. The diagnosis: cervical cancer. "The doctor who treated me asked if I was a DES daughter and I told him I didn't know," says Patricia. "He told me I had some reproductive abnormalities that he had seen in other DES daughters, and explained that if my mother had taken DES while she was pregnant with me, I would need to make sure all of my future doctors and health care providers knew that I had been exposed to DES." Read more.