Public restrooms could be relief for Rockland | News

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Public restrooms could be relief for Rockland

ROCKLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- One of Maine most popular tourist towns may be missing something---public bathrooms.

Rockland gets lots of attention for its waterfront, downtown shops, galleries and restaurants, but some business owners say the city also needs public restrooms. Johanna Strassberg, who's owned the Grasshopper Shop for 16 years, says the most common question she hears from shoppers is, "Is there a bathroom here?"

Now the director of Rockland's Wastewater Treatment Plant has a plan to fix the problem. Terry Pinto is proposing to build a new bathroom building just a block off Main Street. He says such a facility is long overdue, and that the treatment plant property is the logical location."We are the city's biggest bathroom," he says. Business owners say the idea has been talked about for years, but has never gone beyond the talk.

Terry Pinto's plan would build a new public restroom building on property owned by the treatment plant, near the downtown's prime retail area and the waterfront. He says the ancient Romans had public bathrooms, "so its not a new idea."

Pinto says he's hoping the City Council will approve the plan next week. He says if they do, construction should be able to start this year.