Fire danger very high across the state | News

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Fire danger very high across the state

AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Maine Forest Service responded to nearly twenty wildfires over the weekend, and with another extended stretch of warm, dry weather upon us, additional fire crews are on stand-by in case more fires break out across the state.

"We've been pulling in a few extra people on their days off to help cover the fire danger," stated Sgt. Gregg Hesslein.  "It is an active fire season, and there is still a ways to go to get through it."

So far this spring, 193 fires have been reported, damaging approximately 270 acres of land.  While rain is in the forecast for the weekend, forest rangers say it will take the trees gaining leaves and the forest floor turning lush and green before the fire danger will diminish.

"Even now with a rainfall, with these kinds of fire conditions, it only takes a few hours to dry back out again and be back up to high, so until the forest floor greens up, we can see where the grasses are starting to green up, but on the forest floor it is still brown and very dry."

The forest service is urging people not to burn leaves or debris, even if their town is issuing permits, until the fire conditions change.