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Welcome To Social Media Monday - Today's Topic "Online Security"
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Welcome To Social Media Monday - Today's Topic "Online Security"


In today’s ever changing world it is difficult to keep up with all the social media and technology being offered to us.  Every Monday we will feature a tip, platform or idea that will make your online experience more pleasant.  Whether you are an individual user or a local business looking to reach more customers/clients there will be something here for you.

When preparing this first blog I wanted to focus on online safety and security.  Facebook recently was attacked by hackers and what was posted was less than pleasant.  Here are some tips to keep your account from being hijacked by hackers.

                1 - Passwords -  Passwords should be changed frequently.  The best way to create a password is to make up a sentence that includes a capital, some numbers          and then a symbol or punctuation.

                             For example ---- My daughter Jessica turned 7 last April.

                             The Password would be MdJt7lA.

It would be very difficult for someone to figure out your password.  You never want to use your children’s’ names, schools you went to, birthdates, street addresses.  All of these could be figured out by folks that know you or obtained important documents about you.

                2 - Never give out your passwords or account numbers unless you know exactly who you are giving it to.  Recently I received a Facebook chat message that stated they were going to shut my account down because they felt my account was being used to spam people.  The link that came up asked me for my email address and password. 

                            The red flags –

                                         Why would Facebook contact me through an instant message?

                                         Why would they need my email account password?

               3 – The one that seems to catch everyone – the videos and pictures with title such as – you have to see this or did you see this picture/video of you.  Once you click on it your account has been hacked.  Hackers also use major public events or famous people to entice you to open their link.  Just don’t do it no matter how intrigued you may be.

Well that’s it for today.  Interested in learning more about building an online presence or marketing plan?  Have a real estate question?  Tiffany Hampton is a Mom of 3, Community Activist, Social Media Adventurer and Successful Real Estate Agent with Century 21 Samia Realty and would love to hear from you.  For more information about Tiffany Hampton and the Southern Maine Community please visit www.SouthernMaineLife.com


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